The rain swept lands of Albion lie atop the expansive realms of the Unified Kingdom. Seen as a stable land of tradition and calm Albion has endured throughout the millennia, remaining relatively unchanged to the greater world. From the Elven jungle to the deep Dwarven mines, the ancient land has bore witness to the slow gradual pace of the elder races, both beard and ear.

That, however, all changed with the birth of a Golden Age. Not one of Elves or Dwarf but an age belonging to a young, somewhat unremarkable species, a race often overlooked as being too simple and foolhardy. The Golden Age of Humans had begun.

Through gear and steam the Humans managed to crack what the elder races kept secret from them, the ability to manipulate and control their surroundings with the easiest touch. This ability was not unlike anything the Elves had seen, a new form of power had been birthed, Technomancy, and it was to change everything in Albion.

Concerned over this new growth the Elves and Dwarves hastily sought to integrate themselves into Human society, doing their best to monitor this rapid rise and discover some of the secrets for themselves. Although the peace has been tepid at best no full scale war has been met between the three races, a state which is often taken for granted by their many inhabitants.

For fifty years the human race has found its new footing in the land of Albion. Their homes morphing from town to city as the rapid pace of industrialisation swept over the lands. The rate of invention and development has brought many great changes to Albion, but beneath all the electric lights and smoking chimneys the dark arcane heart of Albion silently stirs, the increasing infection of technology weakening the deep magicks beneath and unleashing an ancient cataclysm the likes of which no race had seen for millennia.

The Halcyon Days of Albion are soon to be shattered…

Albion - The Lost Clan

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